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Learn how the BuildScan app can be used by Surveyors and Snagging Inspectors during their inspections and subsequent reporting.



Completing Surveys

As an inspector or surveyor, you can utilise the BuildScan surveying app by logging defects found in a new build property. Instead of filing a separate report and waiting for it to reach contractors, the BuildScan surveying app allows any logged defects to be accessed immediately by other users.

These defects can then be assigned, prioritised and given due dates. BuildScan works online and offline in full collaboration with unlimited users. Previously exported reports can be re-imported back into BuildScan using a unique report code, giving clients more value than ever before. 


Generating Reports

After adding defects to a plot, BuildScan can generate and export a fully customisable PDF or Excel report, highlighting defect media (including photo and video evidence), descriptions, priority ratings and due dates. 

These reports have been built to be the most workable and digestible of their kind within the industry, and are used by both companies and individual surveyors looking to standardise their work and build upon consistency and transparency, in turn driving forward customer satisfaction. 

Add Defects

Upload defect media including photo and video evidence, add a description and assign to relavent stakeholders.

Generating Reports

Plots can be exported as PDF or excel reports which include a shareable report code.

PCI Checklist

BuildScan comes equipped with access to pre-populated checklists such as NHQB's Pre-Completion Checklist, and the ability to complete them in-app.


Helping Surveyors

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