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Defect Management

Upload defect media including photo and video evidence, add a description and assign due dates, priority, build stage and defect status.



Adding Defects

With BuildScan you can log defects as on-site or off-site, assigning them to relavent buildstages.

Upload photos or videos along with each defect, so they are easily identifiable to each user. Don’t let snags go unmissed, document each defect, set completion due dates, and oversee their progress all within the BuildScan snagging app and web portal.


Assigning Defects

When a defect is assigned to a team member or collaborator, they will have full visibility of all of their outstanding works. Defect status can be changed and evidenced with a photo, comment and signature. 

This allows users and teams to manage their own personal workflow and improve time and diary management.

Defect Media

Attach media including photos or videos to further evidence defects and snags within the app or in reports.

Assign Due Dates

Priority & due dates can be assigned to defects, plots and projects to aid workflow and time management.

Unlimited Collaboration

Defects can be assigned to team members & collaborators with full access and permission controls.


Defect Management

Reduce close out time 0
Save time by improving on-site & remote supervision 0
Reduce paper with in-app lists for sub contractors 0


Book a Demo

Join the growing global community of BuildScan users, which includes individuals and teams from some of the leading industry stakeholders. Request bespoke features and arrange a demo of the BuildScan app for you and your company.

Individual using the BuildScan app on their tablet.