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Pre-Completion Inspection

The New Homes Quality Board has now published the official Pre-completion Inspection Checklist, which is available in BuildScan to activated builders and suitably qualified professionals. BuildScan's founder played a key role in the creation of the checklist and has worked to fully incorporate it into BuildScan, helping to ensure the industry has an effective and transparent way to complete it.


What is the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist is a checklist that allows those purchasing a new build home in the UK to ensure their new home is finished to the best possible standard. The checklist contains general points and information as a guide to ensure basic elements, mainly cosmetic, are complete before you complete on your new home.

How do I complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The pre-completion checklist can be completed by professional users on BuildScan. The guidance set out by the New Homes Quality Board states that the PCI should be completed by a suitably qualified inspector. Professional users will be able to access the “Checklists” tab on BuildScan.

  1. Access the Checklists tab.
  2. Select the correct Workspace - Project - Plot in which you're completing the inspection.
  3. Select the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist (NHQB) (PCI). All the current locations in the plot will show along with the relevant areas and checkpoints.
  4. New locations can be added by clicking the “+” in the bottom right of the page.

Who can complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The NHQB state that the person purchasing a new build home can appoint a suitably qualified professional to complete the inspection on their behalf. Current guidance restrict home buyers completing the inspection themselves although this is fully at the discretion of the builder.

When should the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist be completed?

The NHQB pre-completion inspection checklist should be completed between exchange of contracts and completion.

Does the builder have to fix all the incomplete checkpoints prior to completing?

The NHQB have set out guidance that may be updated and should be reviewed on the NHQB website. At the time of writing the builder must do their best to complete all incomplete points from the checklist. However, this may not always be possible. Any incomplete items must be clearly outlined to the customer prior to completion with an estimate of when the items will be completed.

How much does it cost to complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

To complete the PCI checklist the customer should, as per the NHQB guidance, appoint a suitably qualified professional to complete the inspection. BuildScan does not refer any specific inspector and their costs would vary. A professional account on BuildScan is required to access and complete the PCI checklist.

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